10 October 2007

Road Rage

Just a few points about driving-

You are supposed to pass on the left.

If people on your right are passing you, then you are going too slow, and you need to move over to the right lane.

The point of the HOV lane is for you and your car-mates to whiz past the other drivers while pointing at them and saying, "HA HA! We are going faster than you AND we're saving the environment. So long, suckers!" If you are in the HOV lane, and people in the lane next to you are passing you, then you are going too slow. You are defeating the above-mentioned purpose of the HOV lane.


Bart Bradshaw said...

I'm not sure the point of the HOV lane is to pass everyone even during times of low traffic, Sherry. It's not a "fast" lane, like the left lane. It's a car-pool lane, which definitely allows for some excellent passing when the majority of cars aren't allowed inside and traffic is slow, but the speed limit applies even in the HOV lane, and in normal circumstances, people in the left lane drive faster than the speed limit.

That said, I agree with you that it's frustrating when people drive too slowly in the car-pool lane. It's hard to get around them because of the double white lines.

Kristy said...

Thank you for that teaching moment, Bart.

Janet Walgren said...

The point of the HOV lane is not to speed. If you are going the speed limit you are obeying, honoring and sustaining the law AND you are entitled to drive in the HOV and the fast lanes. Slower traffic means traffic not going the speed limit.

It is interesting that people raise their hands to sustain the prophet, then the prophet asks them to obey the traffic laws, then they immediately go out and speed on their way home from conference.

Obeying the laws governing traffic is just another way to show/prove that you are obedient. Obedience is a principle with a promise.