21 October 2007

A Mini-Rant

Ever since I've been married if ever I say I feel sick, the usual response is, "Maybe you're pregnant."

Ha. Ha. So original.

This is particularly bothersome when I am throaty-sick. When my throat feels swollen and sinus infection-y or Strepp-y. Usually, when I feel that way and say, "I feel sick." And somebody says, "Maybe you're pregnant." I want to say, "Yes, maybe there is a baby growing INSIDE MY THROAT!"

One time when I was sick I counted how many people suggested I was pregnant. I think it hit about 11 within about 4 days.

Usually now, when somebody suggests I might be pregnant, I just say, "Maybe I am. You never know." It's not as good as the line about a baby in my throat, but it will suffice.


Janssen said...

I LOVE the throat line. . .I think it's hilarious!

Kristy said...

Gee, Sherry, you sound kind of grumpy. Maybe you're pregnant. :) Ha ha.

Bart Bradshaw said...

I like the throat line too. Another approach you might consider is to look the person in the eye, tear up, and walk away. That'll teach them to make insensitive conjectures like that.

Too harsh?