15 October 2007

Two Worst Parts of my Day

1. Getting out of the shower. I hate stepping out of the hot shower into the cold bathroom, which actually isn't cold but feels like it is because I'm completely wet. I like bathrooms with heat lamps for this reason. Or else bathrooms that are also laundry rooms. That way I can put my towel in the dryer and then pull it out when I hop out of the shower. I usually prolong my shower just so I don't have to get out of it. That's how much I dread the stepping out of the shower.

2. Getting out of bed. My bed is warm and cozy. Being awake is not. I rarely get enough sleep, so getting up is even worse. On the weekends when I sleep in, I usually stay in bed reading as long as my bladder will allow. And then I go back to bed. Because I LOVE my bed. So soft. And cozy.

Today was a bad morning. I hardly slept last night. I woke up repeatedly for absolutely no known reason- not the kind of waking up where I roll over and go back to sleep, but the kind where I wake up and lie there wondering why the heck I'm awake. Bah! THEN Eric got called into work at 6:00 this morning which made me want to hurl his stupid phone at the wall. So when 7:20 rolled around, I spent 10 minutes hem-hawing about whether or not I was going to go into work on time. At 7:30 I decided I may as well just get up because I wasn't sleeping anyway, and I was out the door by 7:45.

I hate mornings.

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Noelle said...

I was just talking to Phil about the whole shower thing the other day. I dislike it as well, but sometimes I pretend to be tough just to prove to Phil that it's all mental :) But I DO NOT like the whole "getting out of bed" thing. If only we could have our memory foam back...