15 March 2010

Looking forward

Three things that are going to make this week awesome:
  1. Daylight Saving Time has begun! No more driving home in the dark! I'm so happy I could cry while I do a happy dance.
  2. Karina and I finished HP6 tonight, and we will begin HP7 tomorrow! Woot! I've only read that one once, and I'm so excited to read it again. There are lots of things I've forgotten. This is going to get me so antsy for the movie that comes out this year!
  3. Another episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" airs on Friday. My colleagues did a lot of the research for these shows (Their names are even in the credits!), and so far I'm really liking them. I especially loved the Emmitt Smith episode from this past Friday. If you haven't gotten a chance to watch it, go check it out.
What are you looking forward to this week?


Janssen said...

My dad is coming out this weekend. And so is RA. Woot!

Jenny said...

No rain!
And radiant warmth from the SUN!

bubby69 said...

The wall frames to the house arrive and soaking in the Amendes new hot tub

Packrat said...

Weekend is past.

I just tried to watch the Emmitt Smith episode. Thanks for the reminder. The internet worked up until about the last eleven minutes. So interesting. (And sad, I went through several Kleenex.) Will watch the rest of the series, too.