23 March 2010

Wishful Thinking

During my last semester at BYU, I remember having a discussion with some classmates before out class started. I said something about how one of the things I looked forward to the most in my post-graduation life would be the extra time I would have to read lots of good books. My teacher sort of chuckled and told me that it was wishful thinking. She wasn't rude by any means, and she was just sharing her own experience. She found that her life was just too busy to read as much as she thought she would.

I'm glad to say that this professor was wrong. I have lots of time to read, and I love it.

As I've pondered our upcoming move and the all the extra time I will have since I won't be commuting two hours every day, I've developed a hearty list of things that I will magically have time to do:
  • Cook most days.
  • Be in charge of grocery shopping again. (Eric has done a great job in the interim.)
  • Read even more. (This one might be wishful thinking since I already do a fair amount of reading with my carpool buddy.)
  • Practice Spanish.
  • Keep my apartment astoundingly clean.
  • Exercise.
  • Blog more regularly. (I hate it when a week goes by without a post. My unofficial goal is three per week.)
  • More time with Eric to actually do stuff other than stare at screens together.
Hopefully, this isn't all wishful thinking. I know that I might not have time to do all of these things every day, and that's okay. But hopefully it's not all wishful thinking.


Lanette said...

I think you'll be able to do all of that! I remember I had a professor who told me I'd never have more free time than I did in college, and I am very glad he was wrong. Of course, everyone is different, but my last bit of school was insane, with 50 hour work weeks and 17 credits...I think I'd be dead if he'd been right about time continuing to diminish.

michael ann said...

three cheers to making lists and doing what you love!! post graduation free time planning is basically all i do these days...

Packrat said...

Having more time just depends on what else you are doing for a living or what is going on around you. I used to have lots and lots of time to read - even with little children in the house. I didn't have time to do more than read assignments when I was in college.