14 March 2010

I'm not your mother. I'm a snort.

The most delightful thing happened to me at church today.

Our meetings had ended, and I was standing and chatting with my friend, Jennilyn. Her little girl, who is about four, was twirling around us as we spoke. Jennilyn finished talking to me and moved over about six feet to discuss something with somebody else. The little girl did not realize that her mom had moved away, and she continued twirling for a few seconds. Then she stopped twirling and began to cuddle up to my leg. It was a little odd to me since I don't know the little girl at all, and then it dawned on me.

I looked down at her and said, "Did you know I'm not your mom?" She got a scared look on her face and moved over to her mom and proceeded to cuddle her leg instead.


Angela Noelle said...

My little sister, Erika, once clung to the back pocket of a man of similar stature to my father in a McDonalds queue. Our family (including Dad) looked on for a few moments before calling Erika back to the herd.

Steven said...

Reminds me of the time at Six Flags when John & I were in line for the Spinacker. I was 7, and I was holding onto Johns hand. I walked away to look over a rail, and I grabbed John's hand. Too bad it wasnt his hand. The line had moved up. I looked over to see a stranger and John crying he was laughing soo hard.

Shalissa said...

Very pretty snort! :-) Love the title. I read this book 3 times today...Joshua's favorite.

Packrat said...

My baby brother's favorite book. Between him, my children, and grandchildren, I swear I have read it a thousand times over the years.