26 March 2010

A Culinary Cabaret

One of the smartest things I have done in the last five years is teach Eric to cook. He's learned to enjoy cooking on his own. The interesting thing is that we've never had an official cooking lesson. We've just cooked together often enough that Eric has picked up some of the tricks of cooking, like which seasonings go with which foods, how to time things so the different dishes all finish at cooking at the same time, and when it is okay to guestimate amounts or skip ingredients.

It's been especially nice this last year that I've been commuting that we haven't had to eat frozen and otherwise pre-prepared "food" every day. Now, I will admit that I enjoy cooking more than Eric does, but he's gotten to really like preparing a handful of things:

  • borscht
  • tortilla soup
  • tomato soup
  • various curry dishes
  • pancakes
  • avocado sandwiches
  • deluxe bean burritos (I know this doesn't really count as cooking, but it is one of our favorite meals. And it's super fast, super cheap, and pretty healthy because we use non-fat sour cream, low-fat beans, lots of veggies, and whole-wheat tortillas.)
When we were first married I would joke with Eric that my good cooking was wasted on him because he'd eat anything. He insists, now, that it is not wasted on him, and I agree. My good cooking has encouraged him to learn a new skill, and one that he basically enjoys, especially when we are doing it together.


Packrat said...

Good for you for teaching your husband to cook. I firmly believe men should know how to take care of themselves and family members should it become necessary.

James said...

Has he made a dish with canned mackerels and canned beets yet?

Actually I am impressed by my friend's growing culinary prowess.

It is true that he will eat anything, I always thought that gift was somewhat wasted with a mission to Brazil.

Brianne said...

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test...

AmiZOOKey said...

I always have Chris do the roasts these days - mostly because it's usually with meat that we've been gifted by Marty and hence is almost certain to have some hair on it still (ugh). He also regularly prepares a delicious steak meal that we love - I think he enjoys people being impressed with it when they find out HE cooked it. Good fun :)

Steven said...

I'm a grill Master myself! I love to cook on the grill, and Im very happy it is warming up so I can resume my grilling.

Jenny said...