17 March 2010

Food Allergies

I've been thinking lately about food allergies, and frankly, how grateful I am that I don't have any. I love bread. I love dairy products. It would be very challenging for me to give these things up. I know that it can be done, and that people with food allergies still find lots of great things to eat. But, there's a lot of adapting that has to be done, and it's challenging.

I've been especially thankful lately that I am lactose tolerant. I love dairy products, and I go through phases of really loving dairy products. Facts:
  • There was a time during my high school years when my lunch consisted of one pint of Bluebell ice cream. (It was cheaper than getting a hot lunch, and it filled me up.)
  • My sophomore year of college, there were weeks when I drank two gallons of milk (roughly 7.5 liters) of milk EACH WEEK. I was a milk-drinking monster.
  • In the time between when I moved out of my flat after my sophomore year and when Eric and I got married, I moved into Eric's parents' house. Eric's mom wanted to be sure I had plenty of food that I liked available, and she asked me to name my five favorite foods. I told her, without even a thought, "Milk, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream." Seriously.
  • On the rare occasions when I go shopping, ice cream is always on my list. When Eric is going shopping and asks me if I can think of anything that we need, I almost always ask him to check the ice cream supply before going to the store.
So, I know that I'd adapt if I was suddenly lactose intolerant (especially because my dairy consumption is significantly lower than it once was), but it still wouldn't be pleasant.


Matt said...


Mal Mecham said...

So this in response to the comment you left on my blog...I figured that you wouldn't check it again to see my response, so I'd write on yours! :) The Giver was left off the list because I had an awful reaction to that book in 6th grade and again in college. I don't know what it is about it, but it doesn't settle well with me. I'm weird.

Jenny said...

Thank goodness for life's little pleasures.

Shalissa said...

amen, amen, and amen

Alice said...

What is so funny about this is as a baby you could not have milk. No you had to have a meat formula that cost $10.00 a can. Now that you are older you can have almost anything.

trishtator said...

Goat cheese.

Carrie said...

I miss milk.
Kaitlyn's digestive system doesn't do well with the milk/cream proteins, so I have been without milk and ice cream for the past 4 months. Except for the occasion when I forget or decide that it will be worth a screaming ornery baby.
Thankfully, it's temporary. Hopefully she'll be able to handle it better in a couple more months.
I think I would die if I had a dairy allergy.