03 October 2009

Leaf Crunching Goodness

My freshman year at BYU I spent the majority of autumn being terrified about winter. I was just so scared that the cold weather would... Well, I don't know what I was really scared about. Maybe "dread" is a better word. I was truly dreading the cold weather. And it came. But it wasn't as terrible as I expected. It wasn't fun or anything, but I adjusted to it. Spring came, and it was delightful. Having grown up in Dallas I had never experienced four different seasons. Dallas has two seasons- hot and wet. Anyway, I adored the spring weather. I loved the blossoms. I loved sitting outside to study in the warm-but-not-hot sun. I loved the pansies peaking out through the snow in the early spring. I loved the tulips and daffodils that came out soon after. Everything was fresh and lovely.

Then I went home for the summer. When fall came upon Provo during my sophomore year, I realized there was a whole season I had missed the previous year. Fall was gorgeous. The leaves really did change colors. The weather was cool but pleasant. That year, instead of spending all of autumn bemoaning the oncoming winter, I was really able to enjoy the weather.

Since then, spring is still my favorite season, and fall is a close second.

One of the things I love most about the fall is the experience of needing a jacket when you leave the house and coming home wondering why you lugged that thing along. It sounds silly, but I love that fall comes gradually like that. Cool mornings, warm afternoons. Perfect weather for sweaters (which I love), football (Go Cougs!) and soups to my heart's content.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Lovely photos. My house is decorated in oranges and greens all year round, but in Autumn I always feel fully "dressed" for the season! :)

Janssen said...

I am feeling a bit the same way this year. Eek.

Dusty and Amy said...

Beautiful pics! I love all those things about fall too :-)

Packrat said...

Gorgeous pictures. Fall is my favorite season, because spring here is usually cold, windy, and wet.

Jenny said...

Mmmmm.... well said. Love your pictures of fall!
It's my favorite season.