04 October 2009

He who is in bed last...

Eric and I have an agreement that whoever is last in bed has to make it. This agreement works well for me because I am rarely the last one out of the bed. Of course, the bed is still hardly ever made. I'm not complaining. Eric does far more around-the-house cleaning than I do. Far more. But this does give me an excuse for the bed rarely being made. I can't very well make the bed if Eric is still in it when I am walking out the door. In accordance with our agreement, we have also agreed that if Eric neglects to make the bed, I can tickle him. This is great fun for me because Eric is extraordinarily ticklish.

This morning I woke up before Eric, and while I was lazing about contemplating getting up, he got up before me. I was bummed. But then he came back to bed, so I hopped up and declared him the maker of the bed. Victory.

I originally started blogging about this because Eric and I had a really funny conversation in regards to bed-making later in the day. Now I can't remember it, so this is all you get. Sorry.

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Packrat said...

Well, here I got all excited about nothing. LOL Cute post; great idea about who gets to make the bed. Why didn't I think of that like about 34 years ago? Although, I should admit that my husband is the one who usually makes the bed. Sounds like you have a great mate.