29 October 2009

Doorbell ditching

Look at what just showed up at our door. (Yes, just. At 11. Don't worry 12 is our bedtime.)

Inside the bag was another bag wrapped around two candles and two knives.

And the knives have me utterly perplexed. Who would just give away two knives? Was the bag wrapped around the knives just so they wouldn't cut up the bag that was holding the carving tools? Is this one of those pass-along things? If it was, there is not letter indicating such, and no ghost sign for us to put in our window so other givers do not target us again. Also, we only have two days left to give it away!

Well, we are going to have fun carving anyhow! Thanks, stranger!


Packrat said...

What a clever idea! Cute surprise! I guess just enjoy. If you display these, whoever put this on your porch will know you were pleased.

A few winters ago, several of us in our neighborhood woke up to find a small snowman on each of our porches. So cute. I never think of simple things like that.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

A) I love it.

B) Those knives were totally headed for the DI anyway.

C) In college, we put an old knife in a jack-o-lantern, left it on our neighbor-boys' doorstep with a note on it that said "you." We played a lot of jokes on them.

Jenny said...

May we see the results?
(Or did you delete all the images off the camera, like I did MINE this weekend?!)
[deflating sigh]