06 October 2009

Just when I thought I could turn back time

Today I woke up and promptly turned off my alarm. It's what I do. I then proceeded to sleep for an extra thirty minutes. At some point I awoke, realized I had already turned off my alarm, and I hustled to get out the door. I got dressed. Did my hair. Applied my makeup. Brushed my teeth. Put bread in the toaster. Packed a lunch.

And then my alarm went off. It baffled me. If I had pressed snooze, the alarm would have been going off every five minutes for the time that I had been up. (Yes, five minutes. Stupid cell phone alarm.) It wasn't 9:20. It was 8:20. How had I managed to turn back time?

I had dreamed that first alarm. Argh. Goodbye extra sleep. I'll miss you forever.


Packrat said...

Love it! I think we've all done it. I hate it when I do that on my day off.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Nothing like getting out the door on time. ;)

Jenny said...

This may date me, but reminds me of that Cher song "If I Could Turn Back Time..."