19 October 2009


You know how sometimes you have a discussion with somebody and she (or you) says something to the effect of, "Our family is starving. I haven't gone to the grocery store in so long. There is nothing to eat in my house!"?

Yeah, I could have that discussion with you. Except, not really. The last time I went grocery shopping? I'm honestly not sure. It was definitely before I went to Washington, D.C. last month.

Only, I'm not starving. At all. This is because Eric does the shopping. And the cooking. And most of the cleaning. And the laundry.

This is partly because I am a terrible wife, but mostly because Eric is just that awesome (and I taught him how to cook). Also because I get home from work every day at like 7:30, and by the time I get home I am way too tired to figure out what to cook and to be bothered cooking it. Plus, usually I don't have to because Eric has already cooked something by the time I get home.

Husband, in case you are actually reading this, you are the best. I will keep you forever. And I promise that one day we will return to normal.


Jenny said...

Healthcare fail.
Homecare TRIUMPH!
I love it when my husband shops or cooks.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

A time and a season. The best thing that ever happened for our marriage was the 18 months that Plantboy was the stay at home dad. We learned a lot of empathy for one another.

Packrat said...

Ah, let him do it for ever. LOL Eric's a "keeper".

Shalissa said...

Such a sweet post!