21 October 2009

Like taking $20 from a baby

I mentioned back in July that Eric made our nephew, Dave, cry. And I mentioned that it was a story unto itself. Ready?

So, there we were playing Guess the Person with the kids. Frankly, since Dave is only five (and a half) he was only marginally involved in the game. Eric and I had read most of The Wednesday Wars on our way to Jackson Hole, so the civil rights movement was on my mind. (That may sentence may lead you to believe that The Wednesday Wars is about the civil rights movement, but it isn't. The book just takes place during the sixties.) So, the person I had in my head was Martin Luther King, Jr. Eric figured it out pretty quickly, and he was doing his darndest to ask questions that would be really good clues for the older boys, Ty (eleven) and Bridger (nine). For some reason Dave became particularly interested in this round of Guess the Person. As Dave tried to guess who it was, Eric told him, "Dave, if you guess this person I will give you $20." What Eric really meant was, "Dave, if you guess this, I will be ASTOUNDED, and I will give you $20." What Dave understood was, "You can do it! Earn your $20!" Within a few guesses one of the older boys guessed that my person was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then Dave cried for about 35 minutes. This is why Dave loves me most, because I do not make him cry. (That's one nephew of whom I am the favorite. Eric is the favorite of the other 13 nieces and nephews. And, that's not much of an exaggeration.)


John said...

It's a good thing Dave doesn't know we had lunch together the other day, he might have cried about missing out on time with his favorite aunt.

Shalissa said...

Way cute. I can totally imagine this!