16 October 2009

I demand change!

Okay, if you know me at all, you know that I don't read private blogs regularly. In fact, there are two that I check MAYBE more than once a week. The others get cursory checks when the idea pops into my head. Usually when that idea pops in there are so many posts that I don't bother to read them all. I wrote once before about how annoying it is that private blogs do not show up in my Google Reader despite the fact that both are linked to my Google account. It seems so simple and obvious to me. I'm sure the millions of genius programmers at Google can figure it out. They aren't dummies.

I don't usually read the Google blog, but a recent post asked for good ideas. It dawned on me that I should use this opportunity to request the ability to access private blogs through Google Reader. As you might imagine, other people had already made that suggestion. (Multiple people had made it, in fact.) I logged in to the product ideas site. I did a search for "private reader." There were about four suggestions that said to the effect of, "Allow me to access private blogs in Reader." I voted for all of those.

Now, you go do it. It will take like two minutes. It will change the world. One blasted private blog at a time.


Kristy said...

I just voted, Sherry. Excellent idea.

Another excellent idea: my friend who has a private blog also has another, not private, blog where she posts just the title of her new posts from the private blog. Does that make any sense, what I just said? Anyway, it's nice because I can subscribe to the blog that tells me when she posts something new on the private blog. Nice! Though sort of a hassle for her, I'm sure.

Janet said...

I'm with you and I voted, thanks for the link!

Jillian said...

Perfect, thank you! I hate that you can't see those all in one place either. I voted, so hopefully it will change--and soon!