28 September 2009

Local Radio (worse than local news, but far more charming)

Listen to this:

I may or may not have attended school in this same school district. My brother may or may not have been a teenage DJ on this station.

I was pretty pleased to hear this program highlighted on All Things Considered, the major afternoon/early evening news show on National Public Radio. Hearing the story brought back very happy family memories, especially considering that KEOM was usually the radio station of choice in the family vehicles, especially if my dad was driving.


Jenny said...

I have a soft spot for 70s music

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you pointed this out! I feel almost famous for having gone to school in Mesquite...and knowing your brother. I'll admit I didn't listen to KEOM much throughout the year, but come Christmastime, it was 88.5 FM all the way!

John-KEOM Student DJ '88-89 said...

Ha, I found this story this morning on Unfair Park. I loved it and it brought back fond memories of jammin' to 70's tunes in 7th period as a DJ.