16 September 2009

Utah State Fair

Oh, hello. I'm on my way to Washington, D.C. right now. Enjoy my pictures from the Utah State Fair while I'm gone:

This fish needs braces.

I expected the deep-fried Snickers to change my life. It did not. I was rather under-impressed.

It seems as though those are the only pictures I had. Bummer. But I will say I loved most of the Utah art. I have determined to crochet something and enter it in next year's fair. This is because I saw a really hideous afghan that won fourth place. Nobody get any ideas and try to beat me. You can enter things in your own state fairs.

My fair advice:

  • Do not pay $1 to see Tiny Tim, the smallest horse in the world. I believe that he is the smallest horse in the world, but he wasn't very thrilling, and I wasn't allowed to pet him or take pictures of him. But I felt like I had the fair experience by being duped a little bit by a carnie.
  • Do get very excited about going to the fair. And do get very excited about seeing all the cool and random stuff that is at the fair.
  • Do not think about all the money it costs to get tickets and park. Just enjoy.
  • Do sing the song from Camelot to your husband all the live-long day about how he may take you to the fair.
  • Do not expect to see Big Tex greeting you at the fair. It is too far for him to travel, I think.
  • Do tell me where all the animals were, because we never saw any or smelled any. Were we there too late at night?
  • Do not wear your adorable shoes that have practically no padding in the bottom.
  • Do not let your husband convince you that it might get cold later and therefore you must take his sweater in with you or else you will be cold. It won't get cold, just like it hasn't gotten cold all week.
  • Do tell me your wildest fair stories.


AmiZOOKey said...

I love how you were inspired by a hideous afghan that you saw to create some some AMAZING crocheted item to win next year. I feel I should provide you with an AWESOME pattern with which to do just that...however,...it's when we say things like these that you just know everyone and their mother is going to enter it next year. That's what happened with me and WoolOn last year - previous year 16 entrants, I think to myself - GREAT! I'll be in for sure! The year I decide to enter - better advertising = 200+ entrants.
This year I ain't holdin' my breath.

Packrat said...

I haven't been to a State Fair in over 30 years. I do like our little county fair, tho. People to see and visit with, kids that you know showing their animals, 4-H sewing and cooking, your neighbors flowers/vegetables/quilt entries to look at. People you know cooking and serving the food.

And, yes, take at least a long sleeved shirt - either for sun protection or mosquito protection.