26 September 2009

Trip Photos

I have done my best not to overwhelm you with photos. If you want to see more, check out the album on Facebook.

Capitol Building



Saturday & Sunday:

Shenandoah National Park

This picture has a story involved. We were hiking along a trail when we saw two bears. (Technically, I saw two bears, and Eric only saw one.) Since we were in the South, Eric decided to play the roll of a gallant hero and picked up a rock to defend my honor against the bear. Being the twenty-first century woman that I am, I also picked up a rock. We were too nervous to get any pictures of the bears. We also saw numerous deer (including two bucks!), a skunk and a gazillion chipmunks in the park.

Back to the Mall:

Spy Museum and the Mall one last time:


Shalissa said...

Great pictures, Sherry! Thank you for posting them on Facebook as well. We had a great time with you and Eric--you guys are a lot of fun, for both kids and adults alike! Thank you for making the trip out here. Hope you've had a great weekend!



trishtator said...

I think that picture near the end is an admission to your former alliances. I knew it!

Sherry, yay for vacation. Good work taking one and having fun on it!

trishtator said...

Also, did the bear take your picture when you were holding rocks? If so, you maybe shouldn't stone him. Or, wait until he gives the camera back, then stone him.

Packrat said...

Great photos. Looks and sounds like you had a great time.