30 November 2008

White Christmas?

When the weather is like this (which it has been lately):

Doesn't it make you want to go to a place like this?

I'm going here in nine days. For a sort-of-tropical holiday. It will be awesome.

We will be staying with Makereta's extended family. Reading books on the beach, fishing, diving, rowing boats to get fresh mussels for dinner, hiking, camping. The usual Christmas vacation.

Wish you could come.

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

Wish I could come too. I have to say, however, that I think BOTH views are lovely.

My Kiwi comp was with me when we had a freak snow storm about five hours inland from Sydney in August. She woke up early, screaming, with her head out the window going on and on about how beautiful it was. It was p-day, and we spent the morning (starting at about 7) taking pictures all over town. It was lovely, but she was a little nuts about it.

A week later I got sick for a month. Good times.