21 November 2008

The Trip!

Oh please. Like I even have time to write about the trip. We left Monday and got back tonight (Friday). There are pictures. There are videos. I will maybe write about them some time after Jenn goes (on Sunday).

Just know that it was awesome. Wish you could have come. But there was no room for you anyway.

I've included below a video from our "cruise" of Milford Sound. It's only 17 seconds, but it's a good idea of how beautiful the fjord is and it will make you sad you missed it.


Bryan said...


Happy birthday! I couldn't decide which was more personal, to send my well-wishing on your blog or your facebook. Anyway, it looks like you have had a great week and we are excited to see you guys again next spring!

Marcindra LaPriel said...

YES! Milford Sound, it all of it's splendid glory. How about that waterfall at the end, eh? And the underwater observatory? The view out of that place is AMAZING! Kinda makes me wish I were reincarnated as a dolphin...or not.

And I really love that the captain is talking about sealions and you so cannot even see any in the video. Hahaha. It just makes me happy.

A or H Bowen said...

AAhh! You went again!! Each time I find out too late... Could you please get us a Bowen waterfall magnet, next time you go - you will go again right?? I mean come on, what is 3 times in like 3 months?? I love it...

So glad you enjoyed your trip!