02 November 2008

Rhododendron Festival

On Saturday Eric and I went to the Dunedin Botanic Gardens because the weather was wonderful, and the 25th Annual Dunedin Rhododendron Festival was going on. Also, because the Botanic Gardens are free. We like to go there mucho lots.

I have a new love for rhododendrons and azaleas (which are a type of rhododendron, I learned). As I walked around the gardens I remembered reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier; the book talked a lot about the very large rhododendron bushes on the property where the story takes place. However, as I read, all I thought was, "Huh. Don't know what a rhododendron is." Now I do, and they are right up there as one of my favorite flowers. Love them.

Also, a bit of a note, if you click to enlarge the picture in the top right corner you will see that I actually climbed in the rhododendron bush. It's just rather hard to actually see me.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Lovely! There is one of these on the coast near us (during the N.Hemi's spring, of course); your pictures have inspired me. We may have to take a day trip in April.

JaiJai Jillian said...

Ahhh... so beautiful!