24 November 2008

Day Two

On Tuesday we went to Milford Sound. I've already posted the video, and here are a few photos.

And like I can even tell you about all that we saw and did. But here's a quick list:
  • Stunning drive into the fjord, complete with spectacular glacial valleys.
  • Phenomenal views of the fjord on the boat ride. Including sea lions.
  • Terrifying keas, and for some reason they wouldn't let Jenn get a close-up photo.
  • Ferns are awesome (and abundant).
  • An amazing river on the way to Marian Lake. Unfortunately, not enough time to go all the way to Marian Lake.
  • A rather nice campsite, although it wasn't the one we were planning on, and the wind was crazy. Eric took pictures of Jenn and I setting up the tents in the fierce wind rather than helping us set up the tents. It's okay, though. I think it made us better tent-setter-uppers. The third night we camped, Jenn and I set up each tent in about five minutes. We are an awesome team!

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Jillybean said...

Such beautiful colors in some of those pictures!