09 November 2008

Suffer the Children

Today was our branch's annual Primary Presentation. (In Mormon congregations, each year around this time the Primary children from the congregation do a presentation about what they have learned during the year.)

I love the Primary Presentation, no matter what ward or branch I am in. It is always thoroughly amusing, and yet, very spiritually uplifting.

Today's highlights were wiggly Jonty on the front row who could not stand still during the songs to save his life. When he wasn't mimicking the conductor's hand signals (meant to remind the kids of the words) he could often be seen waving at Eric and I or picking his boogers and promptly eating them. At one point he was even seen picking his nose and trying (unsuccessfully) to hide it. Awesome.

Second in line for me was Matthew (Matty) who, rather than break into tears at the prospect of saying a couple of lines in front of the congregation, erupted into giggles. It was wonderful and adorable.

I am more confident than ever that when the Savior called the little children to come to him it was because he wanted a good laugh.


bubby69 said...
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bubby69 said...

A stressful time for the music leader and you see so much of what the children should not be doing and my facial expressions certainly portray my feelings. A great effort to those children their goal was to memorise all 8 songs and most of them did. VERY proud of them. I must remember to keep the hand signals to a minimum next year as comments from the congregation were more about my hand signals. Jamie only had 5 min warning to do that solo as the original soloist was sick so Awesome job!!! Glad its over though.....

Ana said...

that's our jonty.