04 November 2008

Not Another Post About the Election

If you read a lot of blogs, then you probably don't want to read another post about the election.

So, here's a post about my scarf!

I'm about halfway done (as you can tell with the comparison-scarf next to my orange one). I'm up to thirty loops now. I have no idea how I've added those most recent loops. (As opposed to "I know EXACTLY how I added those loops I mentioned last time I talked about my scarf). You can tell from the picture that this scarf has some pretty cool patterns going on. All in all, I'd say the scarf is more on the side of "cool and funky" and not "terribly hideous" as I feared.

The thing is, I don't need another scarf. I have a couple. Anyone want a burnt-orange, hand-made, kind of funky and cool scarf with only a few noticeable errors? (Also, no guarantee that the other half will be exactly like the half I've already made).


Kristy said...

Oh, I love it! The color is fantastic and it has just the right amount of quirk.

JaiJai Jillian said...

Ha ha! You are the best. No really. I know what you mean about the elections. Too funny!

Jillybean said...

So this is really strange. Someone else posted about an Election Scarf: http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2008/11/november-scarf.html