23 November 2008

Tourists in Dunedin

Jenn arrived on Friday, and we did lots of typical Dunedin activities on Friday and Saturday, like
Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world;

St. Clair Beach, where there happened to be some seals lounging around;

the farmers' market, which is located right by the train station;

Tunnel Beach;

Lover's Leap;

The Chasm;

and Sandfly Bay, which included the Sand Hill of Death (ever so fun to run down, but treacherous to go back up), oodles of sea lions, and. . .

this little yellow-eyed penguin (the rarest penguin in the world) waddling and hopping all the way down the large hill to the sea without once falling on his adorable little face.


bubby69 said...

That would be St Clair beach. Dunedin such a beautiful place. I need to see more of it. Hope Jen enjoyed her holiday (vacation).

Sherry said...

Eek! I fixed it. Must have been thinking of a kid I grew up with whose last name was SinClair!