15 August 2008

Review: Louisiana Shrimp Casserole

It's Week #6 of Whip it Up, and this is my first non-vegetarian meal. I chose this shrimp casserole primarily because I had the ingredients on hand. Yes, I had shrimp on hand! A while back we bought a bag of pre-cooked frozen shrimp, and we have decided it was an excellent buy. It lasted us three whole meals! (Shrimp-fried rice, sun-dried tomato cream sauce with shrimp on pasta, and today's Louisiana shrimp casserole).

Let's get the basics taken care of:
  1. The recipe was extremely easy to follow. There were only a few steps, and they were all very simple. Nothing tricky about this recipe.
  2. The dish tasted great! We thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. We will definitely make this recipe again. As soon as we buy another bag of shrimp we will get right on it. Definitely a winner.
Our Adjustments
We didn't have mushrooms, and cans of mushrooms are a bit pricey here, so we nixed them. They would have been absolutely delightful, so maybe we will add them next time.

I added garlic and green onion as one of the comments suggested, and I was really glad that I did so. Next time I'd like to add broccoli per another person's suggestion. I only didn't because one element was being used for the rice, and other was being used for the sauce, so I didn't have any room to make broccoli too. I rarely feel limited by my tiny kitchen, but today was one of the times that I did. Also, per many of the suggestions I used cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of shrimp soup. What in the heck is cream of shrimp soup?

Eric thought it was a little strong on the sour cream, but I think he was wrong.

As far as healthiness goes, this recipe is not very. You could certainly help that by purchasing low-fat options. I find when those sorts of things are all mixed together you can't taste a difference anyway. My mom would disagree, but this isn't her blog!

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RA said...

Wow, nice use of that shrimp over the long haul!