23 August 2008

I Like Sunny Dunedin!

I do not like cloudy/rainy Dunedin.

Fortunately, we have had lots of sun this week, and it has been really, really nice. Unfortunately, we've also had lots of rain this week (and the preceding weeks), and the farmers' crops are flooded, so fresh produce is sky-high. Gah! Remember tomatoes and lettuce? Me neither.

Anyway, it was sunny yesterday, and as Eric and I took a walk to the grocery store we decided to swing by Matthew and Makereta's to ask them if they wanted to do something outside. They agreed that it was a perfect day for doing something outside, and we agreed on a picnic at the beach.

It was really, really lovely! After, we decided to go by the newly opened Chinese Gardens. We waited in line for a while, and then decided we should find out if there was an admissions fee before we waited in line any longer. There was one, and it was $8 so we all decided to go home. But not before we took a picture of ourselves outside the gardens. Maybe we'll go back some time, but yesterday was not the day.

Following our day out we took a two-hour nap and then spent the evening watching the Olympics. I've decided I'm not as happy with the coverage as I was at first, but all is well. We did get to see a lot of good things even though we never saw a single American men's basketball game.

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from NC--NKL and Fam said...

Hi Sherry,
I'd love to hear your opinion of the advertising that goes on during the Olympic coverage in New Zealand. Here, as you might expect, the commercials are all big name (Visa, Home Depot) put together with an American athlete spotlight, and they are Superbowl quality. As an expert on the subject, what are you seeing down there?