09 August 2008

Butterfly Day

Are you familiar with my friend, Angela? She is awesome. A far better writer than I am, which, frankly, doesn't say a lot. Today we had an activity at the Otago Museum. (As you may recall, I went there a couple of weeks ago with Makereta, but I only took pictures of the toilet seat.) The museum has a really cool butterfly exhibit going on, so we went there for our branch Relief Society Enrichment meeting. Good times.

I would write about it, but Ange has done a far better job than I could ever hope to do. Complete with loads of pictures. (In case you were thinking of NOT going, I will let you in on a little secret- her post is done in Seuss style. Like I said, Ange is awesome).

1 comment:

Angela Noelle said...

Who's "Seuss"? That's just the way I write.
/cough cough

I'm glad my hat-tipping wasn't wasted.

The more I looked at the photos of you going from obvious pouting to exceptionally cheery, the more I became certain the tale could only be told like a children's book...and one thing led to another.

You are my inspiraaaaaaaaaaaation.