01 August 2008

Review: Baked French Toast

After reading Janssen's post about yummy baked french toast, I decided to try it. Although, I went with the recipe from the second attempt, not the first.

Here's the basics:
  1. The recipe was easy to follow.
  2. It did not really taste good. Sort of, but not really.
  3. I will not make it again. Regular french toast for us, we say.
I made the batter with vanilla (per the suggestions), and it smelled really, really yummy. I used extra-thick white bread, which was a bit difficult to find because Kiwi bread tends to be EXTREMELY thinly sliced. In fact, what we would call "sandwich bread" in the States is called "toast" here, and regular sliced bread is even thinner than that. Frankly, I don't like it at all, but it's one of the things I've learned to deal with.

Anyway, we decided that we wanted to have the french toast for dinner, so I made the batter at home and then took it with the bread over to Makereta's so that I could use her baking pans and her normal-sized oven. Since the bread was thinner than what was indicated in the instructions, it only soaked for about three hours.

Makereta baked the bread following the instructions. The tops looked deliciously golden brown, and we were excited to pull the bread out of the oven. Only, inside was still ooey-gooey, and the bottoms were burnt black.

We ate the french toast anyway, but we were all rather disappointed with the overall effect. William (the baby) seemed to like it, but he also eats Vaseline, so what does he know?

I left dinner wanting regular french toast, and I was really unhappy that it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. In the future, it is very likely that I will add a little vanilla to my french toast batter, but I will probably just cook it the old-fashioned way and not bother baking it.


Janssen said...

Hmm, weird; I wonder if it was your oven.

Also, you totally spelled my name wrong. And that is unacceptable.

Sherry said...

Oops! I totally do know how to spell your name, but I typed this in a hurry. And now it's fixed.

RA said...

Oh, how disappointing!