07 July 2008

Review: Amazing Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

This week I am reviewing the Amazing Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce that I found on allrecipes.com. I chose this recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand. I had purchased sun-dried tomatoes for another recipe. In fact, that other recipe is the only one I had ever used sun-dried tomatoes for. I really like sun-dried tomatoes, and I wanted to find more ways to use them. I also happened to have cream on hand from a recently made pot of tomato soup.

We loved this recipe. It whipped up, so to speak, very quickly- about 25 minutes total. We served it over spiral noodles, but I would be happy serving it over any type of pasta. The sun-dried tomatoes were absolutely perfect in the sauce and added just the right amount of extra flavor amid bites.

I did change the recipe a bit by adding chopped onion and garlic, per the suggestions in the comments. I also used (gasp!) colby cheese. I happened to have it on hand. And hey! We're on a budget. I can't go running around buying different types of cheeses all the time. It's just too costly right now. It worked out fine because it was all blended together. In the future I will probably add mushrooms.

The great thing about this dish is that it works as a side or a main. It can be your main dish if you want a filling vegetarian meal. You could also add chicken to the pasta, if you want. Chicken is ridiculously expensive here, so we hardly ever eat it. But when we get back to the states, I can't wait to eat this sauce on some grilled chicken. I salivate just thinking about it. I think this dish also works well as a side. Cook up some chicken parmigiana and serve this pasta on the side with a vegetable. Asparagus would be nice.

This is really one of the quickest meals I have ever made, and it was wonderfully tasty, albeit rather high in fat, which kind of explains the "tasty" part. I highly recommend.


Nic said...

I love sundried tomatoes! I'll keep this recipe in mind.

RA said...

It's a good point that you can use this recipe to use up sun-dried tomatoes for another dish. Who ever needs the whole packet?

Erin said...

Yum - that'll be on the shopping list for next week.