03 July 2008

Independence Day

Today is not the first Independence Day that I have spent working. No, in fact, I'm pretty sure I worked on the Fourth of July every summer that I worked at the grocery store, which equals three summers. Although, come to think of it, the first summer was at a different store than where I was the second two summers. Usually I got off work early enough to go out and see the fireworks, but I'm pretty sure that at least once I didn't get to.

This year I worked right through it because, as it turns out New Zealand doesn't celebrate America's Independence Day. Imagine that.

It would be great to have spent time in the sun eating barbecued foods and being antsy with anticipation about seeing the fireworks shows across the Salt Lake Valley and even into Utah Valley from the vantage point of Eric's aunt and uncle's back yard.

But, of all the holidays, it's one that is easy to give up for me. And besides, I got to see fireworks just a few weeks ago from my living room.

And best of all, I was home all day to refresh and refresh and refresh and refresh, waiting for the results of Eric sister's race in the quarterfinals of the 1500m race in the Olympic Trials. After so much refreshing and not getting the results, we just called Eric's mom. We were surprised to learn that she decided this morning to attend the race (which is actually a day behind us, and thus not actually Independence Day). We called just as the race had finished and were jubilant to learn that Michelle advanced and will be running in the semi-finals tomorrow.

Keep her in your prayers. And if you're not a praying person, now is as good a time as any to start.

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Mariah said...

So here's something a little bit funny.
My ward had a 4th of July dance. You were meant to come in fancy dress. I saw many many cowboy hats, one guy dressed as a hick with mullet wig and all (he's actually American so at least he found a way to celebrate), one girl as a pilgrim and some kids with freckles drawn on their faces.
There was meant to be American food. We had hot dogs, potato salad and coleslaw with ice cream and doughnuts for dessert. I'm told that was pretty accurate.
There were meant to be floorshows. The Young Women did a line dance. It was impressive enough, and yay that they all participated. And the primary sang Yankee Doodle while wearing paper hats and doing actions that I was given the privilege of coming up with. I got to stand in the very front for everyone to follow. I'm told I blushed but hey, gotta do it. Also we made sure to change the last line to "don't eat too much candy".
So I celebrated the 4th of July for the second time ever that I can remember. Yay for me.