16 July 2008

Making Connections

I worked at a place at BYU for two years, and the motto was something like "Making Connections." It was really drilled into us to try to find connections between our various classes and between each other. It was something I loved doing. It helped me relate to people better, and I certainly did better in some of my classes because of it. I loved that job, and I especially love the people I worked with.

Then I changed my major and decided I should get a job that was more applicable to genealogy. Good thing was, in that major and in that job I got to continue my focus on making connections.

And here's an interesting web, if you want to call it that. First, the explanation, and then the diagram that I created in Paint.

My freshman year, I dated a chap named Bryce. On an occasion, we ran into his second cousin, Gloria. As it turns out, Gloria is first cousins with Abe who is first cousins with Eric on the other side. Also, Gloria recently married Carl, whom Janssen dated at the beginning of freshman year, until he broke up with her to start dating Gloria. See the circle? Do you love it? Oh, you don't see it? Here's the diagram:
Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this immensely humorous.


Angela Noelle said...

Let it be known that I requested this diagram. I felt Sherry's descriptions of the "connections" within this group of people reminded me of a Shakespearian play too much not to demand an illustration to go with them. Demand I did. Produce she did. Credit me as muse, she did not. So I march in now in my proverbial pomp to announce "I, I was the catalyst for this post!"

Kristy said...

Haha! Oh yeah, it's all about making connections. Go Frac Attack! Thanks for the info about foreign internet service.

Erin said...

Nice diagram. I love the hearts. Kind of symbolic of how love is a messy thing.

Interesting addendum: Gloria was the one who first introduced me to Abe (for people who don't know who ME is, ME is Abe's wife). She always likes to add that piece in when we tell people our "how we met" story. But just a few weeks ago, we realized that Abe was actually the one who first introduced Gloria to Carl. There is something very zen about that.