21 July 2008

Review: Honey Roasted Red Potatoes

This week for Whip it Up, I made this recipe of honey roasted red potatoes. Let's start by covering the bases:
  1. The recipe was extremely easy to follow. It says that it will take 10 minutes of prep, but I would say you could even cut that down to 8, if you wield your knife properly.
  2. This dish tasted great.
  3. We will definitely have this recipe again. (In fact, I'm making it for my lunch right this minute!)
This dish is a side, most definitely. Usually I don't bother with recipes for sides because I'm perfectly content opening up a can of fruit or warming up a package of frozen vegetables for the sides. I'm generally focused on the main dish. But, I do think that I need to have more side dishes in my repertoire for the purpose of going over to people's houses and being able to bring a yummy side when they ask me to.

We ate dinner at Matthew and Makereta's last night, which happens about 2-3 times a week. To be technical, it happens more often than that, but a lot of those times we take dinner over there. As Angela jokingly says, they are our second spouses. Matthew and Makereta also really liked this dish.

Technically, I'm not sure if it is a dish, as much as it is a sauce, really. Anyway, everyone thought it was yummy, and I will certainly be making it in the future (like right this minute).

My adjustments to the recipe:

I happened to have fresh pumpkin on hand, and I really needed to use it, so I did roast potato and roast pumpkin. Delightful!

I didn't have mustard powder, so I used whole grain mustard. I would venture to say that I think I preferred that to what the end result would have been had I used mustard powder.

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RA said...

Ooh, pumpkin and potatoes seem so Thanksgiving! That sounds really good to me.