01 July 2008

Another Assignment

Yesterday the missionaries dropped by and asked us for our help. They are starting a new English class for the many, many non-English speakers in Dunedin. It's going to a just a general community class, and they are going to work really hard to get the word out about the class. Hopefully there will be a lot of interest. They asked us if we would be willing to help teach the class, and we said we definitely would.

We are really excited. We will be teaching with another lady who served her mission in Japan. Plus Eric speaks Portuguese and a little bit of Spanish. And I speak a little more Spanish, but I haven't practiced it like I should these last few years, and it has definitely declined.

Plus this will be good practice for us in case we decide to go teach English in China or Korea for a year. Oh, I hadn't mentioned yet that we are considering that. Well, now you know.

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