31 July 2010

Cup of sugar?

I am always thinking of stuff that I "need." Then, of course, I realize that usually these are things I will use occasionally and then have to store for the 340 days per year that I'm not using it. The other day, I heard a story on NPR about a sort of social network that hooks you up with neighbors who are willing to lend some of their things. It sounded like such a neat idea!

You can listen to the story:

What do you think? What would you be willing to lend to your neighbors? Anything you'd look to borrow?


Ana said...

Rubbish bins. On their OWN property. LOTS of 'em.

And trespass orders - although I wouldn't be letting them "borrow" them - I'd be "serving" them with them.

The neighbours that we are friends with though got their fence tagged the other night - I'd be willing to lend labour and assistance to fix their fence :D

Packrat said...

Well, it kind of depends what the item is and how expensive it is. I think this idea has great potential.