28 July 2010


On Pioneer Day we spent a lot of time with Eric's aunts and uncles. On Saturday morning we walked over to Eric's aunt and uncle's new apartment that was just along the parade route. While we watched the parade there was quite a bit of mingling with the relatives and friends who had come to watch. I was sitting between two of Eric's aunts and near Eric's grandma when one of Eric's aunts said basically the funniest thing I had heard in a long time.

The aunts were talking about settling into new homes and making a home your own. One aunt was relating that when trying to sell a house a few years ago things just weren't going as well as she'd hoped. The real estate agent suggested she take down her Spanish vases from her fireplace mantel. Sharon told the real estate agent as seriously as you can imagine, "My mother is in one of those vases."

The other aunt, Grandma and I laughed so hard I thought we might cry. Then Grandma (allegedly in one of those vases) said, "I wouldn't fit in just one vase." To which Sharon replied, "My mother is in all those vases!"

If only I were so quick-witted.


Jenny said...

Shut UP.!

Jessica Leigh said...
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P1 Steven said...

Reminds me of "Meet the Parents"... my ashes will be spread over a baseball field.