19 July 2010


These are my friends, Shaun and Lanette. I met them a little over a year ago when Lanette and I were visiting teaching companions in our ward. They are some super awesome people. Seriously.

They want to adopt a baby. I want to help them, which is why I'm writing this post. You can read more about them and their backgrounds at Shaun and Lanette's Adoption Page.

Adoption holds a special place in my heart. My little sister is adopted. I've seen how adoption changes people's lives. I am often saddened that adoption is not pursued as vigorously as it once was, particularly considering what a good experience adoption can be for BOTH sides these days. It isn't like 30 years ago when the birth mother had her baby and never heard anything about him or her ever again. Shaun and Lanette are looking for an open adoption, and they want to have a relationship with the birth parents of their child.

I know that you may not know anybody immediately who is looking to put a baby up for adoption. But if you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, send them Shaun and Lanette's way. They really will be awesome parents one day.

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Packrat said...

I wish Shaun and Lanette luck in finding a baby to love.