26 July 2010

Sunday Preparations

Yesterday in Primary we were learning the song "Saturday." The song is about how Saturday is special because it is a day we can use to help us be ready for Sunday. When we use Saturday properly, we can keep the Sabbath a holy day.

I always liked this song as a kid because it has a fun melody, and there are lots of actions you can do with it. As we sung it today, though, I realized that it is pretty dated. The lyrics:
Saturday is a special day.
It's the day we get ready for Sunday.
We clean the house, and we shop at the store.
So we don't have to work until Monday.

We brush our clothes and we shine our shoes,
And we call it our get-the-work-done day.
Then we trim our nails and we shampoo our hair,
So we can be ready for Sunday.
I'm down with the shopping and the cleaning. In fact, we did both of those things on Saturday. I think trimming our nails is a worthwhile endeavor, though I don't know if it necessarily must be done on Saturday. We should also take time to shampoo our hair, but in my mind at least, shampooing our hair is done more than once a week. And now let's talk about brushing our clothes. Certainly I wear clean clothes to church, but because I live in the twenty-first century that just means I wash them and iron them if necessary. No brushing involved. Clean shoes are also nice, but does anybody shine their shoes these days? I don't think I own a pair that require shining, and although Eric may, they certainly don't need shining EVERY Saturday.

I want to change these lyrics. Suggestions?


Packrat said...

I haven't heard this in years and years, and I don't remember the tune. Thanks for the remembrance.

I guess I'm partial to the old lyrics. I think there is a social studies/history/personal hygiene lesson just begging to be taught to youngsters.

P1 Steven said...

maybe new lyrics should be added "we shine our shoes (if needed and you have shoes that need to be shined)." BTW I shine my shoes once a month.

Lanette said...

Hahaha, I remember this song! It's catchy. Whenever I'm being lazy on a Saturday it seems to come to mind. Oh well =)

~j. said...

2nd verse:

We pack our baggies of cheerios
And the quiet books we bought on Etsy
Then we bribe the kids with a great big treat
If they can be quiet on Sunday