10 July 2010

To Know

I'll probably find out if I'm having a boy baby or a girl baby on Friday. That is, my 20-week ultrasound is scheduled for Friday morning, and we'll just see if the baby cooperates.

It's a fairly common question that I get: Are you going to find out?

Truthfully, I can never envision a time when I wouldn't find out. I just like to know what's going on. I like to be prepared for all contingencies. Even though I am not a particular worry-wart, I just like to be aware of what is going on and what the standard procedures are when something doesn't go well.

I learned recently about the standard procedures when a baby is breech, because my friend's baby was breech. Incidentally, the baby flipped herself around a few weeks before her due date, but I was very full of questions about what the medical personnel would do and when these things would take place. I wasn't particularly worried for my friend; babies are breech quite often, and the doctors know how to handle it. Plus, she wasn't especially worried either. I just wanted to know exactly how it was that doctors handled breech babies.

I get a lot of satisfaction from being informed - about a lot of things, not just pregnancy and babies. I ask a lot of questions. I loved to find out about people's careers. Perhaps sometimes people think I'm nosy, but I just like to know what it is that people do all day, why it matters and how that person feels about it. I like to know how different companies function. I like to know about various physical ailments and how those ailments affect the people who have them. I like to know why people like certain books or shows or movies.

So part of my liking to know things is that I want to feel at least a little bit prepared. Obviously I can't plan for every outcome, but even if I know ahead of time what might happen if something doesn't go completely right, it helps to alleviate any worries I have. The other part of my liking to know things is that I like to know different people and what makes them tick.

My needing to know the gender of this baby satisfies both of my reasons for liking to know things; I will be prepared with the proper attire for the gender of this little human, and I will already have a better idea of what will make this little person tick.


Jenny said...

You are going to be a BUSY mom if your baby even gets half of your need-to-know. (Why?...)

Alice said...

You know that you get that from my side of the family. My mother was always that way too. Before she went to Japan we all studied about what she was going to see and what she was going to eat. Anyway if just makes for more enjoyment of life if you have a better understanding of things.

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

I'm excited. Oh, wait...YOU'LL know...but will we?