04 August 2010

Disappearing Act

A few tidbits to tide you over until I have time to write a real post:
  • Work has never been so busy for me. This is what I call job security. No fear of getting laid off for me.
  • Eric and I have been watching the BBC series of Little Dorrit. The extra-double-super fun part has been watching it with his Grandma L. We love getting to hang out with her, and we all really like the series.
  • My belly has really been protruding in the last few days. My midwife told me that it was likely between my last appointment and my next that I would just pop right out, and that has been true. No pictures. Sorry. We can't find the camera.
  • I went to California this past weekend with my old roommate and Eric to attend another old roommate's wedding. It was a great trip. After the wedding the one old roommate headed down to Southern California to visit her family, and Eric and I headed to Northern California to visit my cousin whom I've never met. It was way awesome.
  • I usually like to sit down and write three or four blog posts in one go. I was going to do that last night, but my brother distracted me with family history queries. You can blame him if you don't hear anything from me for the next week.
  • Eric's family will all be coming into town in the next few days because my little Andrewton is leaving for his mission ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW.


Cindy said...

I want to know what you think of Little Dorrit when you are done with the series. I liked it as a whole but it started to drag a little for me. I wanted to know the secret and I'm not very patient. p.s. you might like Lark Rise to Candelford on PBS. I LOVE it!

Dorothy said...

Testing the blog comments... testing.... testing... =)

Dorothy said...

Ah! I see how it works now. =)