13 August 2010

Zombie Jim and Pam

My old roommate, Priscilla, and our good friend, Chad, are REALLY close to winning this contest. They need you to vote for their video by clicking "Like It" beneath the video. You can vote on Zombie version of Jim and Pam (from "The Office") here.

And the thing is, if you watch the original clip and the first-ranked clip, you will quickly realize that Chad and Priscilla are FAR superior to the guys who are beating them. So help them out and vote really quickly.

Or else.


heidikins said...


And you are right--they are about a million times funnier than the other entrant.


Priscilla said...

Thanks for posting this, Sherry! And thanks for all those who vote!

Jenny said...

I am partial to the name Priscilla--I'll vote!