26 August 2010

Literal Wake-up Call

The first year that I lived away from home, I remember my roommate commenting that my family liked to call me early a lot. That wasn't really true. I got early phone calls maybe once a month. But her family never called her early in the morning. There were a few major reasons for me getting more early morning phone calls:
  • My family is an hour ahead of Utah time. Her family was in California and hour behind us. For my family to call me at 7, they only had to be up by 8. Priscilla's family would have had to have been up at 6 to give her such an early call.
  • I am the fourth kid in my family. In other words, I had more older siblings who were up and doing things to ready themselves for work in the mornings. Priscilla is the second kid. Her siblings may have been up for school, I guess, but they wouldn't be up as early as my siblings and parents who were getting ready for work.
  • My family had more big events my freshman year than hers did. There was a baby born, and though he wasn't born until that afternoon, I did receive a call that morning that my sister-in-law was in labor. Plus, there were other things that went on that year where my family waited as long as they possibly could to call me - at 6 a.m. (One time my sister called pretty early to tell me it was snowing - not my little sister who was twelve. Oh no. My older sister, who was 32. I was not amused.)
Other than those reasons, I think it just had to do with certain members of my family knowing that they could pretty much always catch me early in the morning. Sure I may have been asleep, but they hadn't heard from me in a while, and they knew that I was sort of like a captive audience.

And things haven't changed a whole lot. I am easier to reach because of my cellular device, but I still do occasionally get calls that for me are kind of early. Usually it is because my family assumes that I will be up getting ready for work. What they don't seem to realize is that I don't have to be at work until 10. It takes me three minutes to walk from my door to my desk (literally). I shower at night. Eric often works late, which means I stay up late (or my sleep is interrupted). Although I am generally up by 9, I sometimes I am not up until 9:30 or 9:40. I'd rather be on an earlier schedule (and I'm 100% positive that I will be in just a few months), but right now my schedule is on the late side.

But my family's schedule is still on the early side. So family, don't be too surprised if one morning I block your phone number from my cell. I am an especially grumpy pregnant lady.


Ana said...

Once a friend from my mission rang me up at 6am cos he knew that at the time I was working at Air NZ - he took this to mean that I was in fact working for Air NZ - I was not. He called because he wanted me to book him a flight back home to the North Island. I was in fact a data entry temp working in Koru Club for the Lampen Group....

P1 Steven said...

This entry was written because of me yesterday. I debated the call, but it was 8 AM your time! I was trying to bring you business. & I made it a short call. Sorry for the wake up call. If you ever want to wake me up call before 6am your time.

John said...

I have made several random calender apointments on my schedule to call you pre-8AM. I'll be calling you on my way to work & won't tell you which days I have scheduled. I am sure you'll look forward to my calls.

Alice said...
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Alice said...

I think you hit a sore point with your brothers, as for me I am your mum and you better not block me at a risk of missing my surmise.