28 August 2010


I did something pretty dumb today.

Our copy of Mockingjay (the much anticipated third and final installment of The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins) arrived in the mail today. Eric spent the first of his waking hours finishing the second book in the series in preparation for the third. We'd agreed that he would read the third one first, and then I would read it, most likely on my way to Dallas next week.

Eric took the jacket off the book. We are both removers of book jackets. Books are just so much easier to deal with when they aren't wearing jackets. Then Priscilla came over so we could transfer copies of the photos she took in San Francisco. She happened to mention that she was headed over to the library to turn in some books, but she wasn't going to actually get books there. Then I told her that we were just about to go to the library anyway, so I could turn her books in for her.

I'm sure you can see where this is going - I turned in Mockingjay to the Salt Lake City Public Library this afternoon. We didn't get home from running all over the place until after the library had closed, so we didn't even realize that our book was missing until it was much too late to just run in and get it. Poor Eric is dying to read the book, and it's only a few blocks away.

Hopefully the library will realize that one of their patrons very stupidly dropped her VERY OWN BOOK in the book return and will not distribute it to one of the 4.5 gazillion people who have the book on hold.

Did you do anything really bright today?


Packrat said...

I hope they don't consider it a donation! As to doing something dumb, silly, crazy, wacky - I do that at least once a day if not several times a day. I have gotten so absent minded; I also get easily side-tracked.

John said...

Book Jackets make great page markers even when two people are reading the book at the same time like Nicole & I. When I got the book I wanted to stay up all night to read it, but alas just too much going on. As of this evening I am on page 167 & loving it. Thanks for the recommendation!
As for doing something dumb, I do them everyday; it's no big deal!

Jenn said...

What a tragedy! Hope it gets recovered. I also am anxiously awaiting my turn to read Mockingjay; you have my sympathies!

Alice said...

Well you have once again proven you belong to our family. Need I say more?