04 May 2010

Where they died

It's not very often that I get requests regarding my blog. As in a specific topic somebody wants me to write about. But this week, my brother said he was thinking about my post from several months ago about my heritage. It made him wonder where all our grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great grandparents died. Being the kind sister that I am, I have compiled that list, again using the Ahnentafel numbering system.

4. California
5. California
6. California
7. Texas

My Great-Grandparents (furthering simplicity - born about 1890-1900):
8. California
9. California
10. California
11. California
12. California
13. California
14. Texas
15. Texas

And my Great-Great Grandparents (born approximately 1860 - 1880):

16. England
17. England
18. California
19. Illinois
20. Arizona
21. California
22. Alabama
23. Alabama
24. South Dakota
25. Iowa
26. Wisconsin
27. Wisconsin (probably)
28. Texas
29. Texas
30. Texas
31. Texas

I think it's also worth noting that I made this list using my original post. It made keeping the numbering system really simple. One thing that I observed (yet again) was how very normal my ancestors were in their migration patterns. They did very predictable things. The Scandinavians went to the midwest. The southerners moved on west to Texas. And lots of them headed to California, both before and during the Depression. There really was nothing particularly unusual about any of the migration patterns my ancestors followed. (Although, I do like to point out that my Irish ancestors came before the famine.)


Packrat said...

Cool. Will go back and cross-reference. It's funny. I can easily remember birth places, but not death places.

Packrat said...

Okay, here goes. Remember that I'm a generation older...
4 Oregon
5 Oregon
6 Idaho
7 Idaho
8 California
9 California
10 Utah
11 Utah
12 Missouri
13 Missouri
14 Wyoming
15 Wyoming
16 Illinois
17 Illinois
18 Wyoming
19 Wyoming
20 Utah
21 Utah
22 Utah
23 Idaho
24 Missouri
25 Missouri
26 Missouri
27 Missouri
28 Prince Edward Island Canada
29 Prince Edward Island Canada
30 Idaho
31 Idaho

John said...

I wanted you to post this because I was interested in the migration patterns even if they were normal.