27 May 2010


On my last birthday post, Jenny commented that she thought maybe I had gotten a baby for my birthday. This year, I will.


In 2006 we had a New Year's party with Abe and Erin and Janssen and Bart. I don't remember whether Abe or Bart proposed the toast, but we all toasted to having no babies in 2006. Seriously. This year, Janssen and Bart are having a baby in July. Abe and Erin are having a baby in September. And our baby is coming in November. This amuses me greatly.


This will be the tenth grandbaby on Eric's side. And it's 2010. This also amuses me greatly.


Around the time that I found out I was pregnant but had not yet told my mom, I was telling her about some sort of torture I wasn't going to put my kids through. I don't remember what it was. We definitely disagreed on whether or not this thing was torture. She said to me, "Well, you have to HAVE kids first." It made me all giddy inside.


Next time I plan on having a baby, I'm going to be sure to get a flouride treatment first. Because brushing my teeth was almost never a good experience for me. I'm a little worried about the status of my teeth now.


Eric insisted on buying me a pregnancy test. I took it one morning while he was still asleep after working late the night before. I was really surprised that it was positive, and I knew that there would be no way for me to keep it a secret from him. I mean, he bought the thing for me; he was bound to ask about it. So, I went downstairs, crawled into bed with him and said, "Let's have a baby in January." I'm not very good at counting.


One of my favorite bloggers announced just a few days before I did that she was twelve weeks along. I was very tempted to comment that I was too. I'm pretty sure that since we are due around the same time, this makes us bloggy-sisters or something. Or else it just makes me a moderately creepy stalker. (Since I DID go up and talk to her once while waiting for the Wicked lottery to announce us both as losers.)


It is hard to keep your pregnancy a secret when you are living with your in-laws. I failed. I will not go into that whole story, but I will say there were many times that Eric and I were down in our room and I was begging him to go find something for me to eat. Of course, he didn't know what I wanted. But I didn't know either. One day he joked about going upstairs and saying, "Hypothetically, if YOU were pregnant, what would you want to eat right now?" Then I said that maybe I should go upstairs and throw myself on the kitchen floor while screaming that there was nothing to eat. Eric's mom would reply, "But, there's plenty to eat! I bought all this food for you because I knew you were coming to stay with us for a few weeks." I would say, "But there's nothing for a pregnant person!" And they would all say, "We didn't know!" Then I would reply, in the most dramatic way possible, "YOU DIDN'T ASK!"


Janssen said...

It was for sure not Bart who suggested the toast, as he would have been thrilled to have a baby in 2006.

Packrat said...

Giggling out loud.

Jenny said...

those anecdotes are awesome!
Isn't it such a relief to happily fess up and go public with the whole thing? Now we can all be giddy WITH you... (and try to stock pregnant foods (?) in our pantries for when you come visit; is Boston on your list of places to see in '10?)