20 May 2010

Anonymous commenters

I rarely get anonymous comments. That's fine with me. I don't really mind anonymous comments, as long as the person who is commenting is not hiding behind the anonymous option so that they can say they disagree with me.

I fancy myself a reasonable person - a reasonable person who will not flip out if you disagree with me, especially if I am going to say something remotely controversial. I know going into that situation that SOMEBODY is bound to disagree with me. And that's okay. Just be civil. I won't hate you.

Like I said, I rarely get anonymous comments. But when I see dissenting anonymous comments on other people's blogs (particularly people who I tend to view as reasonable, and not crazy zealots), I get a little befuddled. Did the anonymous commenter really think that the blogger would hate and despise them forever for disagreeing with a post? Wouldn't you be MORE annoyed that a person couldn't just come out and say that they disagree with you? Have you ever commented anonymously (on purpose)?

What are your thoughts on anonymous comments?

(Yes, I do realize that simply by writing this post I am just begging for anonymous comments. Just remember that probably only the first one will be funny. So you better hurry.)


Anonymous said...

It really bugs me that people that have the same name as me, give me a bad name. You know who you are.



Jessica Leigh said...

I feel like there are few reasons to be anonymous:

a) You want to do something kind or up-lifting for the sole purpose of being kind/up-lifting and not for recognition.

b) You want it to be a surprise... it's not intended to remain anonymous.

c) You feel a sense of shame for what you are writing.

99% of the time, I feel that anonymous blog comments (as well as letters to editors, business complaints, etc.) fall under heading 'c'.


P1 Steven said...

I like to have fun on the Dallas Morning News blogs. I will make a completely off subject comment to see if I can get a comment war going.Its funny to see people's reaction. In the case of Dallas Morning News they probably see it as a good thing. More comments on a blog create more return traffic. Its a win-win!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Um yes. When I didn't want somebody to link back to my blog, for various reasons. I also have a different e-mail account set up for the blog I keep with my Young Women and don't give my blog address out to people in my ward.

And I'm in the CIA.

And Jessica, 99% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ;)

Anonymous said...

ahh yes all the negative buzz of the anonymous but then you wouldnt get luverly comments like:
I REALLY like reading your blog, your posts are interesting, funny and a bit delicious also.
Thats what I think about your blog =)