25 May 2010

Pregnancy follow-up

Thanks much for all the well-wishes. I am feeling really good now, and it feels good to feel good! On the whole, I was never that sick (especially considering that some women have all-day-sickness for their whole pregnancy.) I had to deal with some nausea and a lot of general exhaustion, but most of that let up while we were on our cruise, and now everything is great. (I should probably mention here that Eric was the best person ever in the whole wide world when it came to helping me figure out what I was and wasn't capable of eating. Also for removing undesirable smells from my general vicinity. And for listening to my whining. Because there was definitely whining involved. I think "unfailingly patient" is the most accurate description possible.)

We feel unbelievably grateful for our little human, and especially for the fact that our journey to this point has been very easy (although a lot longer than my post might lead you to believe). Sure, it hasn't been the traditionally easy way, but not having to go through anything more invasive than Clomid really is a blessing. Mostly I shared our story because I feel like a lot of people who deal with infertility turn to the Interwebs for support or with any questions they had. I was scared out of my mind about Clomid and whether or not it would turn me into a migraine-laden emotionally unstable basketcase. Thankfully, it did not. Plus, it worked, and I wanted to share that. I also wanted to let people who struggle with infertility know that they are not alone. Of course, you know you're not alone, but sometimes that doesn't help. And sometimes it doesn't matter, like when umpteen of your friends are all pregnant and having babies at the same time. And you find yourself wondering yet again when it will be your turn. I may have dealt with my infertility in an entirely different emotional way than you might deal with yours, and we may take entirely different lessons away from our experiences. But essentially, I've been through it, and lots of others have too. You really aren't alone.


Jenny said...

unfailingly patient is definitely a quality to LOVE about your spouse! Glad you're feeling good.
Happy growing!!

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

Three cheers for speaking about it! I think sharing stories like these DOES make a difference.

Shalyse said...

Congratulations Sherry and Eric!! I am sooo excited for you!