21 May 2010

Overnight Babysitting

My six-year-old nephew and nearly-three-year-old niece were supposed to come stay the night with Eric and me while their parents and older brothers attended the U2 concert in a couple of weeks. (This is the same brother who commented on a post last June that he would like to see U2 in concert). Sadly, the concert has been indefinitely postponed because Bono had back surgery. Eric and I were planning on setting up our tent in our living room to let the munchkins sleep in. This was an especially good plan for right now because we still lack any furniture to sit on besides four folding chairs. We also thought we could make a fort. Kids love forts. And that's when I ran out of ideas. Okay, truth be told, both of those were Eric's ideas. So I was out of ideas from the get-go.

Any other suggestions for making me the extra-double-super favorite aunt?


Ana said...

Fairy bread - white bread, spread, multi-coloured sprinkles and shape cutters - eat!

Jenny said...

always make cookies and let them eat the dough out of the bowl.

Spread butcher paper down on the sidewalk (or kitchen floor if you're brave) and let them walk through trays of paint--FEET PAINTING!!

Let them TP your bedroom before you go to bed.

Have a pillow fight!

Make slingshots and shoot mini marshmallows at each other.

play checkers and never win.

tell kid jokes, including annyoing knock knock jokes that they find hilarious.

Teach them to shake their booties.

Make drum sets in the kitchen out of your pots and pans and a set of wooden spoons.

I can't wait to be the payback grandma.

(do you want more? or do you want me to go away?)

Jessica Leigh said...

Sorry, I have to avoid such comments... otherwise you may try to steal said role from me with Callan. (Hey -- I'm his only blood-related aunt, I have a right to be the favorite! ;) haha)

Packrat said...

The fort is a brilliant idea along with Ana and what Jenny said.

My additions are: have some story and picture books, coloring books and crayons, and/or paint with water books and a tub of toys available. If paint (Jenny) is too messy, sidewalk chalk art is an alternative. Store everything in a plastic tub with a lid. Neat and easy to store away. Then if any child comes to visit, you will have something for him or her to play with.

Oh, and just for the niece and nephew have "special-at-Aunt-Sherry's-house" quilts or pillowcases or slumber bags or bath towels. Make sure that you present them (and the items should stay at your house for their use at their next visit). These things can be made or purchased on sale.