04 June 2009

Concerts and such

I'm in Texas right now. Visiting the family.

My sister won tickets to see Bryan Adams. She took me last night. It was awesome.

When she first invited me I was up for it, but I was a little leery. I wondered if I would have to stand the whole time because people in front of me refused to sit on their rears. I wondered if I would be surrounded by drunk people shout-singing along with the actual musician. I wondered if I would recognize any songs besides the few that I could readily attribute to him.

Answers: No, No, Yes. Hooray!

Yes, people sang along, but I could always hear Bryan better than the audience, and I sang along a little bit too! And I did actually know a lot of the songs, and even the ones I didn't know I really liked.

It made me wonder why I don't go to more concerts. And then I remembered - because I don't ever win any free tickets. Sorry, but I would have to like a musician a LOT in order to drop $40 to see them. And to drop another $40 for somebody to go with me. I guess I should put in more of an effort to actually win tickets. And the tickets I don't win I can sell on CraigsList?

This got me thinking even more about who I would actually be willing to spend $40 to see. Maybe U2 because I heard they are phenomenal in concert. Probably the Beatles except they're almost all dead. The more I've thought about it, the less I've been able to come down with an answer. Now, I can handily tell you which musicals I would spend a lot of money to go see, but concerts? Not sure.

Who would you go see in concert?


La Yen said...

I would go see Barenaked Ladies in concert anytime. They are so much fun. I saw the Grateful Dead before Jerry died. I thought it would be AWFUL but it was really good. And I didn't feel my usually overwhelming desire to strangle people that I get when surrounded by hippies.

I used to go see concerts a lot, and now I just can't pony up the money unless it is going to be awesome.

Fionna said...

Definitely Coldplay. I saw them last summer and they were amazing. It made me wonder why I didn't go to concerts more often and then I remembered the four hour drive it takes to get to the concert.

AmiZOOKey said...

Back in the day...back when I still had at least some dim vestige of liking for Bryan Adams I maybe would have gone...however my liking for Bryan Adam's music died many years ago now thanks to a co-worker named Shingo (quite the fan he was) who mercilessly played his Bryan Adams CD continuously at work. All day. Every day. ALL THE TIME.

I now cannot stand Bryan Adams. I loathe his music. Hearing Bryan Adam's music evokes tortured memories of work and fruitless pleading thoughts of "when will it end..? Will it EVER end?!?"

I know it's not a "concert" concert as in a music concert but Chris and I went to see "The Laughing Samoans" last year. They were HILARIOUS. Worth every penny. I would also go see "Flight of the Conchords" and DEFINITELY Billy Bailey. Sherry - you need to look up Bill Bailey on youtube - in particular his skit regarding U2 in concert - I burst out laughing when I read your comment thinking of this very skit!

Bart said...

U2 tickets cost more than $40, unfortunately. I've been to some good concerts (such as the B-52s, America, Presidents of the United States of America, David Byrne, the Wallflowers, and Paige and Plant) but I'd almost always rather go to a musical. Concerts are too long, too expensive, too loud, and I generally don't find that I identify with the other attendees.

Wow - I think I'm getting old.

John said...

I love live music, I hate the audience, for the same reasons you listed. I'd love to see U2 (ooh wow big suprise there) but I know that $40 bucks wouldn't even buy half a seat in the nose bleed section.

Priscilla said...

No one! I actually quite despise concerts! I'm such an old lady...