19 June 2009

Movie premier

Last night I had a conversation with Alli that went like this:
me: i started HP 6 tonight.
in preparation for the movie.
11:42 PM Allison: awwww!
did you buy tix already?
me: ha! no.
but i should.
i've never been to a midnight showing of anything.
and that would be a fun one to see at midnight.

Then I had a conversation with Heather that went like this:
11:46 PM me: come see HP6 at midnight with me!
june 15.
Heather: cills and I already have tickets
I don't know what theater though
me: i've never been to a midnight showing of anything.
Heather: she bought them today
me: i wonder if tickets are already sold out?
11:47 PM Heather: we have 3 extra
come with us
i'm reading the book in preparation.
I don't know if I've ever been this excited to see a movie. Only 24 sleeps to go!

Have you attended any midnight movie premiers? Did they live up to your expectations?


Janssen said...

I remember going to see HP2 at midnight on Friday night after competing in a Forensics tournament all evening and knowing I had to get up for 8 am Debate rounds the next morning. I swear, Harry couldn't kill the Basalisk fast enough - I was SO tired and falling asleep.

Giggles said...

I've been to midnight shows for the last two movies. Loved it! Dressed up even for both. Also went to midnight book parties for the last two books. I was the first person out of the store with a book the last time. I've never been cheered leaving a bookstore before.

I need to get my tickets!

Jennifer said...

I didn't go to a midnight showing, but I DID drive about 3 HOURS to see the last Harry Potter movie. (I was in Middle-of-Nowhere, Idaho and the closest theatre that was showing HP was in Montana!) I was not disappointed.

Jillian said...

I've been to two of the Harry Potter ones before (2 and 3 I believe) and then Star Wars episode 2 because someone couldn't use the tickets right before the show started. Honestly for me it's not so much about the movie you're seeing, but the fun of doing something random and spontaneous that late at night. Love it!

AmiZOOKey said...

Well. I have never been to a midnight screening of anything and Chris and I have never been to one either HOWEVER one time Chris did ring in and win free tickets to Prisoner of Azkaban off the radio - YAY!! It was set to screen in the afternoon so Chris arranged to have that particular day off work, we arranged to have our little ones minded - only two then - and off we went to the movies. It was even at the Rialto - which was being remodelled at the time - to make it EVEN nicer! So we're sitting there, enjoying the movie and I believe it was about the part where they are at the whomping willow for the second time annnnnnd...believe it or not an alarm started to sound. A muted alarm at first - muted enough that you think to yourself - is that an alarm? Is that in THIS theatre? Is it part of the movie?!? (a bit of a stretch I know but these were FREE tickets!). Slooooowly everyone begins to be aware of it and then finally a staff member comes in and instructs us all to leave by the fire exit but the movie is still running!As we're leaving Chris is walking slowly in front of me still trying to watch - I push him roughly and remind him that we have children. So in the end we all got new free tickets but probably the most annoying thing was that we had to sit and watch through all of that movie again just to see the end. Grrr! But funny, yes.

Priscilla said...

So info about HP6: we're going to the theater in the Provo mall. Our showing is at 12:01. Not 12:05 or 12:10, but 12:01!! The very FIRST showing!! Take that, suckers who are going to 12:10!! Chad wants us to dress up and make plans to be the very first people in line for seats. And I'm reading all the books in preparation, mostly because I really can't remember anything that has happened in those books! Also, I've been to the midnight showing of HP4, Batman Begins, and The DaVinci Code. All were awesome experiences!